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RIGHT FROM WRONG PDF ebook download Almost from the day she was born — in 1901 McDade, Texas — Sunny DeLony has adored her cousin, Gil Daily. Their mothers are sisters and have raised their children as if they were siblings — wrestling, and running wild.
Sunny can't say exactly when their puppy love turned into something deeper, but before she was fifteen — and Gil seventeen — she knew things were different. Their families knew so, too, and wasted no time in pulling them apart.
When World War I breaks out, Gil volunteers for the Army. And while he is fighting in France, Sunny marries a local boy, only the first mistake Sunny and Gil make trying not to "sin." These mistakes and the cousins' eventual surrender to their love lead to broken hearts, broken marriages, exile. But somehow, WRONG has always felt RIGHT to Sunny and Gil.
Once again Bonner perfectly captures the spirit of another time. Here are Texas farm families swept up in the drama of World War I and the devastation of their young men who fought it. Again, Bonner's vivid characters grab us by the lapels on page one. RIGHT FROM WRONG is a beautiful — and wrenching — love story set against the hills of Central Texas and the rooftops of Paris; a classic tale of love, war, and sin.


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