The Cinderella Inheritance (Silhouette Romance, #1636)

PDF-file by Carolyn Zane

The Cinderella Inheritance (Silhouette Romance, #1636) PDF ebook download "Congratulations, Cynthia Noble. You've just inherited a multi-million-dollar estate. What are you going to do with your sudden fortune?"

Inheriting the home of her former employer was a miracle for the near-bankrupt struggling student. Yet her sudden windfall had come with an unexpected price. Namely Rick Wingate, whose family should have rightfully inherited Cynthia's new estate, and who was convinced this instant heiress was up to no good.

Cynthia knew she should consider Rick her enemy, but she could only see him as a man determined to protect his family, a man whose very touch shot fireworks through her body. And suddenly, no monetary gift held as much allure as the hope of becoming Rick's Cinderella bride...

eBook The Cinderella Inheritance (Silhouette Romance, #1636)

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