Between The Sheets (A Naughty Box Production Book 1)

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Between The Sheets (A Naughty Box Production Book 1) PDF ebook download Beneath the Sheets is a collection of 6 stories by Naughty Box productions.

The Wish by Kim Carmichael - Be careful what you wish for. Emma only wanted one night with Leland Ryan. The old woman told her she needed to be careful with her wishing because she might get more than she bargained for.

Vertigo by Rue Volley - Erin and Andy are no longer a couple after he tells her there is someone new. Molly is Erin's best friend who gives Erin a challenge. A definite must read.

No Regret by Kim McNiel - A masked office party that Gabby didn't really want to go to as she was still hurting from catching her now ex-fiance in her bed with another woman. When she goes to the party she finds out her boss is someone whom she would like to tease but didn't bargain on what was to follow.

The Contract by Chelle - This is a story of Eric and Mariana and learning the ins and outs of being Dom and Submissive. Find out what happens when Mariana is ready to commit to Eric.

Bewitching Time by Candi Delshamagus - Meet Elizabeth who is living a dual life as Elspeth of Fernes but she doesn't know whether she prefers her passionate existence in the dream world to her everyday world. Come join in and read her journal entries.

Venus Envy by Josephine Ballowe - Meet Venus who has lost the very thing she loves the most. Her whole world is changing. She meets Issac - can he save her soul? She thinks her sister is trying to kill her.

eBook Between The Sheets (A Naughty Box Production Book 1)

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