The Pessimist's Journal Of Very, Very Bad Days

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The Pessimist's Journal Of Very, Very Bad Days PDF ebook download Jess M. Brallier (born May 31, 1953) is a publisher, author, and web publisher. Brallier has authored or co-authored 31 books, including Lawyers and Other Reptiles. He is currently Publisher and General Manager of Family Education Network (a part of Pearson), an online publisher for: parents, teachers, and reference readers.

In 1992, Brallier founded the children’s publishing imprint, Planet Dexter (Penguin), which published a number of best-selling books and secured scores of book club, electronic, foreign, TV/video, exhibit, serial, and merchandising licenses.

Of the 30+ published books that Brallier authored, half are adult titles and half children’s books.

Brallier won book publishing's LMP Individual Achievement Award in recognition of his marketing campaign for three New York Times best-sellers: Reinventing Government by David Osborne, Mama Makes Up Her Mind by Bailey White, and Touchpoints by T. Berry Brazelton.

Brallier is publisher of the most successful online book in history, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He is also the publisher of Poptropica, the largest virtual world for young kids.

A native of Ligonier, Pennsylvania, Brallier is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh (B.A.) and Boston University (M.S.). He resides in Massachusetts, with his wife and children.

eBook The Pessimist's Journal Of Very, Very Bad Days

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