Logan Lost

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Logan Lost PDF ebook download I honestly am so torn with this book. I am on the fence if I totally loved it or totally hated it. This book is not for a faint of heart and involves some pretty intense and taboo relationships. It was like watching a train wreck and I couldn't look away. Being that I'm on the fence I'll say it's a 3 Star read but I'd probably almost lean more towards a 2.5. At times I was almost sickened by the story but it was enthralling and kept me reading and reading. I am also not sure if I liked the way this was written. This story alternates between past and present jumping back 15 years, 10 years, 3 years., months back and not in any particular order. The author is giving you glimpses of what has happened to make these characters behave the way they do. I am still not totally sure I understand how these characters are the way they are. You feel lost and confused. There are so many lies, secrets and sickening behaviors. I don't even know that I can give a run down of the events because things are so jumbled. Bottom line if you want to try this one out be warned it's graphic and nauseating at times, but for some reason I couldn't put it down.

eBook Logan Lost

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