Spin Cycle

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Spin Cycle PDF ebook download I've been looking forward to reading this author's work for a long time. I was thoroughly impressed with the story line. I'm sure when we were in middle school we didn't imagine our teachers had this much drama going on. It's definitely an engaging read, especially at the climax. All I kept asking myself as I read was "What's next?" There were moments when I wanted to slap the main characters and moments when I laughed out loud. I loved the story, and I'd like to read more from this author. - A Reviewer A

At the blink of an eye, life as we know it can spin out of our control.

An evening of doing laundry turns into pleasure and chaos for middle school teacher, Greta Stevenson and principal, Austin Johnson. When Austin makes a comment about her thong, Greta blushes in embarrassment, but secretly, she’s turned on. The more she thinks about Austin, the hotter she gets. Betrayed by her hormones, she finds herself in an uncompromising position on top of a washing machine. While in the throes of passion, the two have no idea their act has been been caught on tape.

The videotape falls into the sinister hands of Larry Newsome, another teacher. Since he has a sick obsession for Greta, he tries to use the footage as a way to get her into his bed. He also attempts to blackmail Austin who he considers a weak “pretty boy.”

Austin and Greta devise a plan to get the infamous videotape back. When Larry is confronted by Austin and a dangerous woman from his past, will the situation spin out of control?

eBook Spin Cycle

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