Rebirth (Techxorcist #0.5)

PDF-file by Colin F. Barnes

Rebirth (Techxorcist #0.5) PDF ebook download Part cyberpunk, part thriller, part dysoptian Mad-Max mashup. The Techxorcist is a serialised novel. This is the first installment. Part 0.5: Rebirth

It's 2153, just one million souls survived a planet-wide cataclysm. Flourishing in the hi-tech biodome, City Earth, humans have integrated with Artificial Intelligent Assistants and are inter-connected to a city-wide network under the control, and watch, of the mysterious benefactors known only as The Family: a group focussed on transhumanism and the search for the next branch in our evolution.

Gerry Cardle, the lead death-lottery algorithm designer lives a life of privilege amongst the elite, until against his own design, his numbers come up and his life takes a jarring turn for the worse. A malicious AI has got loose in the network. This has never happened before. Reeling from the consequences, Gerry is recruited by two shadowy, off-the-grid hackers:

Petal, a mysterious teenage girl who lives behind color changing goggles, and has a penchant for hacking anything and everything, and:

Gabriel, a burnt-out hacker and freelance off-the-grid Techxorcist with a drinking and killing problem.Together, they must exorcise this demon AI, track its origins, and prevent the fall of the mankind's most advanced city, whilst avoiding the wrath of The Family.

Part 0.5: Rebirth is a 10,000 word novelette introducing the world of The Techxorcist. Three more novella length installments will be released later in 2012.

eBook Rebirth (Techxorcist #0.5)

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