Built to Last

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Built to Last PDF ebook download Built to Last Sierra Dafoe Forty-year-old Ginny Chase is a nationally syndicated advice columnist who's finding it hard to take her own advice. Brokenhearted by her husband's unexpected death, she impulsively sells her Boston condo to buy a ramshackle old farmhouse in Maine. Big mistake. The roof leaks, the wiring is ancient and the first repair quote she gets from a contractor leaves her panicked. But when local carpenter Mike Standish shows up to give her an estimate, Ginny finds herself experiencing an entirely different kind of panic. He's handsome, hardworking, and he's making her think things no self-respecting woman should even consider about a man sixteen years her junior. Despite his youth though, Mike has been around the block a time or two when it comes to love. And it doesn't take him long to realize Ginny's broken house isn't the only thing he wants to fix.

eBook Built to Last

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