The Silurian, book seven, The Blacksmith's Hammer

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The Silurian, book seven, The Blacksmith's Hammer PDF ebook download Unique writer of Arthurian fiction; this is King Arthur like you have never read before, called The Silurian: the Silurian is Arthur, and this is his story told by his closest companion and foster-brother, Bedwyr, called The Fox.

There are ten books in the Silurian series, with book ten issue only as part one, The Wounded Bear. Part Two will follow in 2013.

Book One: The Fox and The Bear
Book Two: The King of Battles
Book Three: Arthur's Army
Book Four: Hunters and Killers
Book Five: Longhand, White-tooth and the Fox
Book Six: Bedwyr's Loss
Book Seven: The Blacksmith's Hammer
Book Eight: Facing the Bear
Book Nine: The Fox on the Water
Book Ten, Last Man to Avalon; Part ONE: The Wounded Bear

Book One of the series received an 'Honorary Mention' in the London Book Festival of 2007

My work has been describe as 'art', as intense and full of passion. The Silurian, a battleground of Saxon invasions and British survival, of loss and love and enduring resistance. Whatever The Silurian is, it is not in the mould of 'Lancelot loves Guinevere'; but in the true mould of Dark Age warriors, who fight for their lord in war-host to the very ends of the endurance, with Arthur at their head. This is not the romance of Merlin, Tristan, Lancelot, or the 'knights of the round table': this is real life in the raw,told in a unique first person narrative, in the unique style of Bedwyr, the Fox...

eBook The Silurian, book seven, The Blacksmith's Hammer

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