Angel of the Black Rose (California Witches Series Book 1)

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Angel of the Black Rose (California Witches Series Book 1) PDF ebook download In Roaring Twenties Los Angeles, Angelina Romanov is a lonely nineteen year-old, born into a dysfunctional family of witches. Her hideous mother, Solange, zapped a love spell on the head of the Los Angeles Mafia and now manages his speakeasy. Angelina’s 142 year-old gypsy grandmother, Dima, claims to be the bastard granddaughter of Catherine the Great, once Empress of All the Russias in the 1700s. Dima brews bathtub gin and whiskey with enough bewitchment to control her clients.

Angelina dresses in rags, her hair in tangles around her face. She works in her family’s bootlegging business and pedals the illegal liquor door-to-door. Then one day, Angelina sees a handsome young man dancing at a speakeasy and falls in love. Like a butterfly, Angelina slowly emerges from her shell and secretly develops the witchcraft she was born with.

Angelina will soon discover that magic has a way of playing the cruelest of tricks. She will learn a hard lesson that coming from a family of witches is a dark inheritance.

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Belinda Vasquez Garcia won a New Mexico / Arizona Book Awards for Best Historical Fiction.

eBook Angel of the Black Rose (California Witches Series Book 1)

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