The Heights of Ridiculous

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The Heights of Ridiculous PDF ebook download Mixing history lesson with modern wit, The Heights of Ridiculousness takes the reader on a journey through the amazing exploits and memorable characters of yesteryear, from the details of the longest surviving stunt in baseball catching balls dropped from newsworthy heights to stories of baseball's most determined illiterate, "Roaring Bill" Kennedy. Follow the trail of Mable Hite's ashes as Mike Devlin rollicks through a bemused bereavement. Tiptoe along window ledges as "Rabbit" Maranville cavorts as "The Human Fly." Relive three of the most intriguing World Series: 1920, the most eventful ever, when "The Curse of the Mascot" brought down the Dodgers and Cleveland pulled off first-time feats while sweeping four straight; take the slow walk from the bullpen with "Ol' Pete" Alexander as he prepares to fan Lazzeri; rejoice as America did when the beloved Walter Johnson returned from defeat to pitch his greatest triumph and win the 1924 World Series from John McGraw's Giants. The ideal read for those who love baseball for its merry ways and stirring acomplishments, The Heights of Ridiculousness captures all the joy and charm of our national pastime, and rekindles the spirit and wonder of baseball as no other book can.

eBook The Heights of Ridiculous

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