Tracking the Chupacabra

PDF-file by Benjamin Radford

Tracking the Chupacabra PDF ebook download When I went to the library as a kid I would come away with either a baseball bio or something about Bigfoot, Nessie, or aliens. Now, while I would love for a genuine cryptozoological oddity to be discovered, my interest is more in the debunking aspect of the genre. I picked this book up because one, it was written by the managing editor of Skeptical Enquirer, and two, because the chupacabra is the new Bigfoot (or at least its hot Latin cousin).

Radford gives a historical perspective on the role of vampiric creatures in Latin American folklore, as well as that of conspiracy theories (did you know one of the leading beliefs about the chupacabra is that it was created as a U.S. weapon experiment?). Most fascinating insight came when he picked apart the "case zero" eyewitness account that started the Chupa craze in Puerto Rico in 1995. Turns out, and Radford really puts in the research here, that the woman who first described the creature most likely based it on the alien in the movie "Species" which she had just seen. Seriously.

eBook Tracking the Chupacabra

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