In Vino Veritas

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In Vino Veritas PDF ebook download Over twenty papers from an international conference on the place of wine in ritual, culture and society in the Ancient World (including Near Eastern culture, Greek culture, Etruria and Italy, and Republican and Imperial Rome). The subject is approached from historical, archaeological, art historical and literary perspectives. Contents include: Histories of pleasure (Oswyn Murray); Le vin dans une civilisation de la biere (Jean Bottero); Wine in Old Comedy (E. L. Bowie); Rituels Romains das les vignobles (Olivier De Cazanove); In vino stuprum (M. Bettini); Il vino di Orazio (Antonia La Penna); Wine in Virgil (Jasper Griffin); Heavy drinking and drunkenness in the Roman world (John H. D'Arms).

eBook In Vino Veritas

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