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Hindenburg PDF ebook download The Hindenburg was the most famous of all of the great airships.A luxury liner of the air, it was the pride of the German nation, and its spectacular destruction on May 6, 1937, in the skies over Lakehurst, New Jersey, marked the end of the great era of dirigibles. Here, in exacting detail, are photographs, illustrations and diagrams—many never before published—plus a lively, informative text, documenting the history of the Hindenburg, as well as other airships from Germany, the U.S., Britain, and Italy (including the Graf Zeppelin, R 100, the Norge, the Italia, and the Shenandoah). The book also chronicles the experimental airship program that continued in the U.S. military until the early 1960s, and the handful of existing zeppelins used for simple surveillance missions, pleasure flights, or commercial advertising purposes. 11 1/4" x 11". Color illus.

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