Still Dancing

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Still Dancing PDF ebook download Still Dancing is a touching and passionate description of a young woman in the prime of her life dealing courageously with the harsh diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. After being misdiagnosed for over a year and facing the reality of her situation, she decided to get a second opinion. Although she knew the possibility of having breast cancer, she was not prepared to hear the words. Fearing for her life and not understanding the odds given, she became determined to fight back. As she began to educate herself on this disease, she was determined to understand the horrifying statistics of death for so many African American women. As she searched for information on the survival of African American women, she was shocked and amazed that only one book could be found. She became determined to tell her story. Cynthia has continued to speak out concerning the need to educate other African American women battling breast cancer. This is Cynthia's story-how she faced the possibility of death and decided to live.

eBook Still Dancing

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