Too Hot for a Rake

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Too Hot for a Rake PDF ebook download Her Scandalous Seduction. . .Hoping to pull off a brazen seduction, Lady Helena Fairchild sneaks into her betrothed's bed—only to realize too late that she is lying next to a notorious rake. Even worse, her fianc stumbles upon them and calls off their wedding. To avoid scandal, Helena's family sends her away to the country. But when she steps into her coach, her escort is none other than the stranger who lay next to her that night. . .

Was Anything But An Accident. . .

Lord Desmond Bannington has no intention of changing his ways until he receives news that he is now the Marquis of Waverley. Returning to England to claim his title, Desmond vows to abandon his reckless habits. But for the memory of the lovely Lady Helena Fairchild undressed in his bed. Intrigued by her boldness, and yearning to know her innermost secrets, Desmond can't help a temptation beyond all reason. . .

Praise for Pearl Wolf's Too Hot For A Spy

"As delicious as Jane Austen at her very best!"—Rosemary Rogers, New York Times bestselling author

"Readers who enjoy Celeste Bradley have a treat in store with Wolf's daring debut."—"Romantic Times"

"A spirited character-driven tale with a lively, strong heroine and a reformed rake. Who could ask for more?" -Hannah Howell

eBook Too Hot for a Rake

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