The Salem Witchcraft Trials

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The Salem Witchcraft Trials PDF ebook download The Salem witch trials of 1692–1693 remain one of the enigmas of American history. The porpose of writing this book was to share with the readers and let them know how time was back then and how the witches came about. So, How did the witchcraft hysteria come about? Did the imaginations of the townspeople run wild so that they viewed unneighborly acts as an evil threat promulgated by Satan's minions? Zeinert answers these and other questions in her monumental daily chronology of the trial years.
As She writes this book she introduces her account with an exhaustive narrative history of the Salem community from 1661 to 1691. With workmanlike precision, she provides historical details—such as the conflicts between church congregations and ministers and the increasing frequency of Indian attacks—as she contends that the hysteria arose most likely from the political, religious and social turmoil of the time. Using newly available diaries, journals and letters, Zeinert then reconstructs, for the first time, daily life during the height of the witch trials as well as accounts of court proceedings, arrests and suspects' confessions. The theme of this book is that people will do anything to get attition even if its is giving yourself to the devil.
I thought this book was kind of boring. I didnt like it that well, and i think everyone in this time period was crazy. I think that anyone who gives their self to the devil could be crazy.

eBook The Salem Witchcraft Trials

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