Twenty Steps to Wisdom

PDF-file by Jennifer James

Twenty Steps to Wisdom PDF ebook download This is a time when we are hungry to knowmore. Our stomachs are full, and we wonderif our souls are empty. We yearn forthe return of wisdom. If civilization is the“long process of learning to be kind,” thenwisdom is the shared memories throughthe ages that guide us toward that goal.The problem is remembering what wehave learned.

There is a known path to wisdom and tojoy. There is a beginning step; there is noendpoint. You have already started on theway. You only need to be reminded in thisfast-moving world of what you know. Weneed to tap our collective memory.

Here are twenty steps, from awakening totransformation, followed by virtuallyevery religious and philosophical tradition,described by great minds andprophets, that have guided the best of ourculture for 3000 years.

Simple steps, familiar, but as the wisdomjourney itself, profound, passionate, andenlightening.

eBook Twenty Steps to Wisdom

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