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3.5 Kisses

Harper and Max are pretty proud of themselves. They just bought a new headboard for their bed and both believe this is a step into responsible adulthood. They are a young couple, fun and flirty with each other and just starting off their adult life together. When they decide to christen their bed with the new headboard on it, they end up with more than what they bargained for. Not used to having one, they end up with some injuries and wonder if the new headboard is worth having or not.

Rockin’ Headboard is a fun and flirty Torquere Press ‘sip’ from start to finish. Both Harper and Max are enthusiastic, in love and they love to play around and tease each other. I thought the banter between them was playful and fun and it just showed how sweet and sexy and even often comical young love can be. If you’re looking for a short story that has two young lovers whose rollicking antics will leave you with a smile on your face.

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