Mixed Messages

PDF-file by Dawn Stewardson

Mixed Messages PDF ebook download Knock, knock. Who's there?

Carrie O'Reilly gets a frightened message from her younger sister. Turns out Jenny's on the run-from a killer. Don't tell ANYONE where I am, Jenny tells her.

The next thing Carrie knows, a stranger named Sam Evans is knocking at her door-and he's looking for Jenny.

According to Sam, the real murderer is trying to frame him, and Jenny is the one person who can prove his innocence.

So Carrie and Sam team up. It's the only way she can save her sister and the only way HE can save himself. As they search for Jenny, Carrie finds herself becoming more and more attracted to Sam. But can she REALLY trust him? Is he friend or foe? Victim or perpetrator? Lover or deceiver?

Talk about mixed messages !

eBook Mixed Messages

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