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Monstrosity PDF ebook download You know life is tough when:

• you've been put up for sale on the internet
• your hair-drier's been clogged with a giant weta
• your brother is called Monster!

The world's greatest trickster, Brewster (aka Monster) creates havoc wherever he goes. Brussels sprouts, mohair jumpers, innocent kittens, veggie gardens, sisters - especially sisters . . . nothing and no one is safe from Monster's practical jokes. But the time has come to tame the Monster and straighten him out. Are the family, school, tough-love neighbour and terrifying Aunt Mildew up to it? Or will Monster manage to give them the slip?

By popular demand Monster and his mayhem are back, with a storm of tricks and trouble to delight another generation of naughty children.

eBook Monstrosity

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