Painted Furniture Inspired by Masters

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Painted Furniture Inspired by Masters PDF ebook download The book provides a highly illustrated glimpse at the many ways in which buildings have been preserved over the past decade in the United States and abroad. In presenting these projects, many of which have been undertaken by the top architects in the field, the book will document today's preservation efforts, and serve as a valuable resource to readers. This book explores work — from pure preservation, to restoration, renovation, and adaptive reuse — on a wide range of building types: theaters, museums, libraries, hotels, and colleges, and transportation, corporate, and government buildings. Some of note are the Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London; Old Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C..; New Amsterdam Theater; Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration in New York City; and the Trocadero in London. Some 40 buildings are presented with the technical and architectural issues examined, as well as the human story behind each.

eBook Painted Furniture Inspired by Masters

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