Our Universe

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Our Universe PDF ebook download Did God create life, or did the world spontaneously appear? Drawing on meticulous research into the scientific and religious realms, "Our Universe" is a detailed study of the origin of the universe, life on Earth, and the destiny of mankind. Biophysics professor Faiz M. Khan combines both faith and science to present a balanced overview of a highly controversial topic. Khan explores the scientific analysis of creation with knowledge-based dialogue about the most modern scientific thought on the beginnings of the universe, cosmic evolution, and biologic evolution; and he contrasts these with the creationist view held by the world's major religions.

Concise and compelling, "Our Universe" provides an unbiased and comprehensive view of some of philosophy's most debated topics and serves as a thoughtful springboard for further discussion. Khan's discourse also reflects one man's painstaking quest for an answer to a fundamental question at the very core of our existence.

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