Red & Wolfe, Part Two (Red & Wolfe, #2)

PDF-file by Ella James

Red & Wolfe, Part Two (Red & Wolfe, #2) PDF ebook download

Red and Wolf arrive to the Island and soon part ways. Red gets into trouble and Wolf, like knight in shining armor literally jumps in and saves her from drowning. He makes her an offer to stay with him for a week on the Island, while he will take care of her, take care of all her needs - she will "take care" of him (if you know what I mean). Will she stay? We shall see...

We get to find out a little more about Mr. Big Bad Wolf, but he is still quite mysterious. Red is a little confused about the situations she got herself into, and though she realizes her depression and loneliness, she is still quite funny.
"You paid me to come here -"
And I did come, didn't I? My sex-starved horn dog wags her tail.

She makes a big discovery by the end of this part and then holy bloody cliffhanger....

Sex between those two is off the charts hot and steamy. There is a whiff of maybe some BSDM in the next installment, I am not sure though. One thing for sure, I got a glimpse of Wolf and want more of him and his BIG BAD... well you get the idea.

I like this! Off to the next one...

eBook Red & Wolfe, Part Two (Red & Wolfe, #2)

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