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Book of Pagan Prayer PDF ebook download When I was young, I had a little copy of the New Testiment, probably given to me by Witness or other person spreading the "Good News"... It was, on a purely physical level, beautiful to me.It was small, easily clutched in the hand, had exuisite silky pages and a sturdy, but soft binding etc etc.I would read it before bed, just to experience the sensation of holding it my hand... its contents, however, never inspired me.
Today, I was having a sad morning, was feeling a bout of depression, and then the postman delivered into my hands something wonderful.
It was a book, its physical beauty not far from my old New Testament... it is a book to be clutched, carried close and reverently referenced.Its contents, however, are not the mysterious gobeldygook of the Gospels of John, Paul or Ringo, but instead, a collection of prayers useful to a pagan like me.The contents speak to me in a way that kneeling in a church never did and the author does not leave us with just these prayers but gives insights into the reasons and the methods that pagans may chose for their prayers.It seems to me that this is the sort of book that will reveal something new every time it is opened, even if you've already read it cover to cover.There are general prayers, prayers for different purposes from thanksgiving to rites of passage to simply devotional, prayers to many deities from many pantheons (in just a quick flipping through the pages showed me Roman, Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Native American, and even Asian names among others I couldn't place.)
I have a feeling this book will be one that I will treasure for some time to come.

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