The Raven's Wish (Scottish Clans, #3)

PDF-file by Susan King

The Raven's Wish (Scottish Clans, #3) PDF ebook download Elspeth Fraser was blessed with the magical gift of Sight, but what she saw when she first encountered the mysterious stranger who rode into the Highlands on his coal-black stallion filled her with dread. For she saw ravens—symbols of death—and she knew that Duncan Macrae was destined for the executioner's ax.

With his wild Highlander blood and his cool Lowlander legal mind, Duncan Macrae was the perfect man to settle the ancient feud between the Frasers and the MacDonalds. He expected violence and rage, but not the strangely haunting warnings of a girl who foresaw his death. For in his heart he knew that Elspeth Fraser would be his love, his life, his soul. Yet still she insisted that their passion would be fatal . . . and her Sight had never been wrong....

eBook The Raven's Wish (Scottish Clans, #3)

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