Someone Like You

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Someone Like You PDF ebook download They were the daughters of music legends, the unforgettable Mark and Mimi Doyle, whose love story had been played out in the pages of Rolling Stone complete with quotes from Dylan and Baez. Folk rock’s forever couple.

Who would have guessed forever would end one cold winter morning when Mark walked out the door and never came back.

Now it’s thirty years later and his baby daughters are grown women with complicated lives — and loves — of their own. Joely lives in Scotland, as far away from the drama of her childhood as she can get while Cat, the older of the two, runs a knitting studio and farm in their hometown of Idle Point, Maine. The only thing the two sisters have in common is their mother Mimi, a deeply troubled woman who is still listening for the sound of her husband’s key in the front door.

But when Mimi has a serious accident, the Doyles find themselves back in the news and a very pregnant Cat is forced to call in a long-ago promise. It is time for Joely to come home and face the biggest challenge of her life: her family.

A master at touching readers' hearts, Barbara Bretton explores the emotional journey of two sisters and the healing truth of an unforgettable family legacy when an unexpected reunion inspires a better understanding of secrets and sacrifices.

eBook Someone Like You

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