The Tome of Knowledge (Elidaire #1)

PDF-file by Melanie A. Gabbard

The Tome of Knowledge (Elidaire #1) PDF ebook download Four years after the murder of his mother, Revel Harcourt, leader of a group of an ancient race of demon-hunting warriors, finds his friend impaled at a construction site, dead. The authorities say it was an accident, but with his history, he knows demons are involved and will hunt and annihilate those responsible.

After a month of Amity Wellington’s ominous dreams haunting her sleep, they begin invading her waking life when she sees two demons slither up to her friends at school. As she seeks answers, she finds an unnerving truth about her dreams that may cost her her life.

When Amity and Revel’s paths cross, their future tempts a perilous fate.

eBook The Tome of Knowledge (Elidaire #1)

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