Jesus Removed My Grave Clothes

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Jesus Removed My Grave Clothes PDF ebook download Still crying uncontrollably, I told Sister Gloria Gray that my mom became mentally ill before my birth, I was given to foster care at six days old, that I lost my virginity to my biological dad, and that he sexually molested me from my childhood to teen years. She very soothingly stroked my arm and said, 'Joy, you are healed. The curse is broken. Look at your children. God is calling you to ministry.' How does a girl cope with being told as a child, 'You are ugly!'? How does she live life while constantly feeling used and dirty, even when being treated respectfully by the opposite sex? How does she grow from a sickly foster child who had a cardboard box instead of a play pen to a motivational speaker with a master's in counseling psychology? Joy 'Shelly' Maria Wilson-believer, educator, and survivor-testifies of the healing grace of Jesus Christ, who came to save those who trust Him, to heal the brokenhearted, and to set the captives free. In Jesus Removed My Grave Clothes, she shares her evolution from victim to victor with a deep conviction that Jesus Christ is the only source of deep, lasting change.

eBook Jesus Removed My Grave Clothes

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