Heavenly Sex

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Heavenly Sex PDF ebook download In this lighthearted, lively tour of sexuality within Jewish religion and culture, Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer and Jonathan Mark team up to reveal how, contrary to popular wisdom, the Jewish tradition is much more progressive in many regards than one might think. Applying Dr. Ruth's unique brand of "couples therapy" to such Biblical relationships as those of Abraham and Sarah, and Joseph and Potiphar's wife, the authors enlist Biblical lore to cover such topics as surrogacy, incest, and arranged marriages. They offer a clearer understanding of the intertwining relationships among sexuality, spirituality, and sexual roles through a look at the latter books of the Bibleā€”the Song of Songs, Ruth, Proverbs, Psalms, and some of the bawdier tales of the Prophets. One chapter provides a provocative metaphorical perspective on the Sabbath as a weekly revival, highlighting not only its spiritual but its marital and sexual aspects as well.

eBook Heavenly Sex

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