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Lucrezia Floriani PDF ebook download This is a novel by George Sand (translated), and it's like a thinly veiled autobiographical work of sentimental garbage. It's pretty obvious she's supposed to be the title character, and the main hero is actually Frederic Chopin, who was George Sand's (pen name of Madame Aurore Dudevant) lover for several years. For some reason I get annoyed when the author writes prefaces and introductions justifying herself, or steps out of narrative to patronize the reader about her motives for where her story is going, when it really doesn't add anything to the narrative. But mostly, I hated the title character, and her string of lovers and romanticism (I didn't say romance- this is a novel written during the romantic age) just drove me nuts. It's really difficult to find it believable, or relateable, and the characters just don't come alive as a result. So basically she's complaining in this book that Chopin is jealous of everybody around her, including her kids, and he's a whiny drag, and he's smothering her to death.

This is probably very horrible of me to say so, but I actually wish the author died before Chopin did. I can hear Finney saying "and then the world was a better place."

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