Keys to Living Well

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Keys to Living Well PDF ebook download A selection of translated articles that Venerable Master Hsing Yun originally wrote for a special column in The Merit Times, Keys to Living Well represents the launching of a new vehicle for transmitting the Dharma. Arranged in an accessible style, this selection addresses moral, spiritual, and social questions that are central to our day-to-day existence. Whether it is a matter of cherishing our good fortune with humility or cultivating tolerance for others, Venerable Master Hsing Yun imparts his wisdom in a pithy and unambiguous manner. Like a diagnosis that precisely identifies a malady and a prescription that effectively cures it, each chapter in Keys to Living Well penetrates the core of problems we all encounter in life, while offering us effective solutions to overcome them.

Through maxims on ethics, mottoes for conduct, and injunctions against transgressions, Keys to Living Well provides us direct access to the wisdom of the Dharma.

eBook Keys to Living Well

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