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Why Me? PDF ebook download I would identify myself primarily as a Vaishnava, which means servant of Vishnu or God, secondarily as a family man and thirdly as a writer. The first role began in 1979 when I came across the Krishna movement and dived headlong into it, as was the style back in those days, when many of us were busy searching for ourselves rather than a worldly career. I can report that I am still looking, but am hopefully closer now than I was then. My second role as family man began in 1985 when I met my good wife Chintamani, with whom I have had three beautiful children, Madhva, Radhika and Janaki. Perhaps I should add a fourth role for myself, necessitated by the advent of my children, namely a working man. I have not yet been able to give up the day job for my writing career and am present working as a Community Facilities Manager. Surely though it can only be a matter of time before I pen that bestseller and take up the life of writer-in-residence in my own sweet home. Well, a man must have a dream. Speaking of which, that brings me to my third role, that of author.As you probably know I have written a number of books, starting with the Ramayana and at present am just completing a rendering of the Bhagavata Purana or Srimad Bhagavatam. That should hopefully see the light of day sometime in early 2015.
I would be happy to hear from you, and you can hear more from me over on my website, where I will publish my occasional musingsand news of my doings.
Thanks for listening. :)

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