First Voyage

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First Voyage PDF ebook download “First Voyage: The Sea Lord Chronicles” mixes the Napoleonic Wars in the Age of Sail, historical fantasy and a coming-of-age story for an exciting new sea adventure series.

When 14-year-old Alexander Hope is sent away by his stingy uncle to become a junior officer in the Royal Navy, he has never seen the sea. There are high expectations for Alexander, whose famous ancestor was Sir Algernon Hope, a sea elemental who defeated the Spanish Armada and saved England from invasion. England is once again fighting for survival, this time against the Emperor Napoleon.

Though he gets off to a rough start by getting seasick in port and making a bitter enemy, Alexander soon finds new confidence in himself and discovers that he may have inherited his heroic ancestor’s ability to command the sea.

As England—and the H.M.S. Resolution—struggle for survival against the forces of the Napoleonists, Alexander’s newfound ability could tip the balance of power.

eBook First Voyage

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