Accidents Like Love and Marriage

PDF-file by Jaishree Misra

Accidents Like Love and Marriage PDF ebook download Accidents like Love and Marriage is an unexpected romp through the universal dilemmas of love and marriage. It is a compelling tale of incompatible relationships and their astonishing success rates. The Sachdevs, Menons and Singhs are urban Indians, normal folk with everyday concerns, instantly recognizable, in fact, just a little bit like youji and me. But when a foppish Delhiwalla falls for a lovely, smart Keralite and his brother finds romance abroad, passion and comedy take control of their destinies. Why are any of these couples married to each other? Why are the unmarried wanting to marry each other? And why are some of them friends? For wouldn't you have thought that friends, at the very least, had to be vaguely compatible, even if husbands and wives weren't? This hilarious tale of incompatibilities explores why we do the things we do or, indeed, why we let them happen to us. Jaishree Misra's second novel.

eBook Accidents Like Love and Marriage

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