Prince Miro's Enslavement (The Royal Captive, #3)

PDF-file by Aphrodite Hunt

Prince Miro's Enslavement (The Royal Captive, #3) PDF ebook download WARNING: Contains bondage, submission and domination themes that may be offensive to some.

The stunningly beautiful Prince Miro is conflicted. His captor, King Jai, has become extremely enamored of him. His best friend - fellow sex slave Tia, who is in love with him - wants him to escape.

When his father negotiates a prisoner exchange, Prince Miro is made to go through several challenges. He must simultaneously best ten men by sword, and then put on a sexual exhibition for revelers in a pavilion of earthly delights.

But Prince Miro plans to assassinate King Jai. When the hour is ripe, will he do it?

This BDSM novelette (11,200 words) is Book Three of 'The Royal Captive' series.

eBook Prince Miro's Enslavement (The Royal Captive, #3)

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