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Doppelganger PDF ebook download I received Doppelganger as a “Gift” for the amazing talented Author Michelle D. Gent herself.

I must say thank youso very much for the opportunity to continue my adventure to read this series of Dusty the Demon Hunter. To follow is my fair and unbiased opinion of Doppelganger“.

I am truly loving actually the chance tofinish a book/short story and being able to get the reviews written the same day!!! (well almost the same day)

Dusty’s world had become additive to me, wanting to know what’s coming or happening next. I have been able to go from one novella to the next, just like it was a full novel. (now there ya go Michelle, lets see this all together)

The storyline continues to grow in this novella as well as the others, as well as the characters growing right along with it. It’s just like watching them grow up in a way.

Michelle has done a amazing job of keeping the interest of the readers, (or it had me) has each novella unfolds with the new adventure of Dusty and Hunter. I find myself rooting, getting mad, and also talking to myself as a event happens (like saying oh no he didn‘t, or watch out don‘t trust them)

The way the novellas are being written they can continue to keep going, as if you are living your life or in this case Dusty and Hunter’s lives on a day to day, week to week along with them, never getting bored.
Keep them coming Michelle, we your avid readers are waiting eagerly for the next installment.

Yep, you guessed it!! I’m off to my next novella in this series. Catch you on the flip side as I return once more.

Happy reading to ya’ll. A Must Read Series.

Recommend: YA
Rating: 4/5 angel stars

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