The Moving Finger Writes

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The Moving Finger Writes PDF ebook download The Moving Finger Writes... contains the eclectic writings of twenty-four members of the Sacramento Suburban Writers Club. These stories and poems will suit that urge to grab a fistful of entertainment.


Inside you will find short stories of science-fiction and fantasy; memoirs involving travel to the South Pacific, Uzbekistan, and South Africa; the early days of rocketry; the World War II years; a professional essay; and poems—both simple and esoteric.

Tears of laughter will fall when you meet the clueless married man who fails at bachelorhood. Your heart will accelerate as you watch a young woman bail out of a burning plane into the green forest of South Africa. You will discover that some aspects of aging are an advantage—those who started out to do good, did well instead.

These California writers find it a pleasure to share their colorful musings. Omar Khayyam is smiling... and our fingers keep moving.

eBook The Moving Finger Writes

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