Bat Blood - Part Two

PDF-file by Richard Myerscough

Bat Blood - Part Two PDF ebook download ‘If you want someone dead, make sure they die’

Abandoned in the middle of the forest and left to die, Claraicy harbors a lot of resentment towards those who physically and emotionally abused her. After being infected by genetically modified cells, she finds that she is much more resilient and stronger than she ever thought possible.

While being hunted by those who wanted her dead, Claraicy strikes back. As her gruesome acts of revenge hit the press, Doctor Scott (the DNA scientist who unintentionally created her) plus an elite force of professional soldiers go to extreme lengths to subdue her. Despite this, with Claraicy’s hormones going haywire she craves a mate. As frustration mounts, blood-thirsty demons on both sides become unshackled.

As Claraicy becomes more creature than human, her fragile mind is fixated on the one person she despised the most, Santa Claus. With her body genetically altered to withstand almost anything Mother Nature and man can throw at it more than just Colonel Duncan Stuart’s resolve is tested.

eBook Bat Blood - Part Two

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