Researching Widening Access to Lifelong Learning

PDF-file by Beth Crossan

Researching Widening Access to Lifelong Learning PDF ebook download This authoritative volume is a truly international contribution to the worldwide debate on how best to widen access to lifelong learning.
The first section of the book comprises research studies from around the world, reflecting the diversity of contexts in which widening access is researched and considers issues central to the access debate, including different understandings of the concept of access, organisational and structural change, curriculum development, entry policies, performance and retention and labour market outcomes.
The second section illustrates diverse and innovative methodological approaches that have been employed by researchers in the field, and considers the range of approaches available.
Given the growing concern around the world on the need to combat social exclusion and to improve economic circumstances through access to lifelong learning, this book acts as a unique reference point informing the ongoing debate, exploring the relationships between research, policy and practice.

eBook Researching Widening Access to Lifelong Learning

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