Lair of the Hidden

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Lair of the Hidden PDF ebook download High in the Romanian Mountains...

Hidden from time and prying mortal eyes, Hunedoara Castle lurks amid the mists of the Carpathians. Home to a cabal of scheming Inconnu, the castle is the site of hideous rites. Who do these terrible rituals empower? Or, worse, who might they protect?

... A Vampiric Conspiracy Broods

Secrets revealed — Lair of the Hidden is a setting sourcebook and chronicle that examines the plans of a forgotten cult of Inconnu. It covers the cults aims and goals, as well as presenting a terrifying haven of powerful elders for players characters to explore — should they dare.

Lair of the Hidden includes:
* A horror tale that winds through the catacombs of a Carpathian castle.
* Information on the elusive Inconnu
* A chance to support of befoul the plans of elder Kindred that involve the coming of Gehenna

eBook Lair of the Hidden

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