Lee Child Collection 2 (Jack Reacher, #4-6)

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Lee Child Collection 2 (Jack Reacher, #4-6) PDF ebook download Running Blind (Engineer: Melissa Coates): Women are dying. Women who have nothing in common except the fact that they once worked for the military. And they knew Jack Reacher. How and why these women are in danger completely baffles the elite FBI team working the case. There is only one certainty: there is a new kind of killer out there, one so calm, cautious, and careful that even the brilliant Reacher is left running blind.

Echo Burning (Engineer: Mike Council): Jack Reacher is hitching through the heat of West Texas and getting desperate for a ride. The last thing he's worried about is exactly who picks him up. She's called Carmen. She's a good-looking young woman, she has a beautiful little girl . . .and she has married into the wrong family. Worse, her monster of a husband is soon due out of prison. So she needs protection, and she needs it now. Reacher goes home with her to the lonely ranch where nothing is as it seems, and where evil swirls around them like dust in a storm.

Without Fail (Engineer: Melissa Coates): Jack Reacher is approached by a Secret Service agent who needs a favor. "I want to hire you to assassinate the Vice President of the United States," she asks. She is the newly appointed head of the VP's security detail and wants Reacher to try to penetrate her team's shield. What she doesn't tell Reacher - but what he soon discovers - is that a very real and deadly team of assassins has just put the VP in their sights and will stop at nothing to realize their objective.

eBook Lee Child Collection 2 (Jack Reacher, #4-6)

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