Complete Guide To Cruising & Cruise Ships 2011

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Complete Guide To Cruising & Cruise Ships 2011 PDF ebook download The definitive guide to the world's cruise industry is back for its 26th year! The "Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships 2011" is split into three parts, allowing readers to easily flip to the section they need to find. The first section combines authoritative text and evocative photography to define the cruising experience, helping readers decide on the type of cruise, the cruise line, and the size ofship that is best for them. The second section consists of comprehensive reviews of every major cruise vessel, from large to small, from unabashed luxury and exclusivity to ships for the budget-minded and youth-oriented. The final section provides practical information on booking, budgeting, cruise etiquette, and safety at sea. Once you've made your decisions, making arrangements is a breeze with the website contacts provided for every major cruise line.

eBook Complete Guide To Cruising & Cruise Ships 2011

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