Melanie's Protector

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Melanie's Protector PDF ebook download Melanie "kidnaps" Steve McCall, the big, rugged saddle bronco rider, because he looks like an honest man. What she hasn't planned on is the instant, sizzling attraction rampaging through her body whenever they look at each other. As a speech writer for the governor, Melanie accidentally stumbles across a cover-up concealed in the inner sanction of the Capitol. Steve not only agrees to protect her but also offers Melanie refuge and delicious erotic pleasures. The protective wall around her heart crumbles as Steve entices her with his cowboy charm. As they explore their mutual attraction while hiding out at Steven's ranch, danger lurks in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike...

Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense [contains graphic sexual content and adult language]
Length: Novella (16,500 words)

4.5 Blue Ribbons: "Melanie's Protector is the first book in Sage Burnett's Rodeo Cowboy series, starting it off with a bang. This book is fast paced and will delight readers with the interactions between Melanie and Steve. Melanie is just an innocent woman who accidentally saw some incriminating files in the governor's office. Steve is a cowboy whose mama taught him to always help a lady in trouble and he takes her teachings to heart. Melanie didn't want to involve Steve in her problems but from the minute she kidnapped him, he takes on her worries as his own. Watch for the next books in this series, Karly's Drifter and Josie's Heartbreaker." ––Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

4 Stars: "Melanie's Protector, the first in a new series by Sage Burnett, is a delightful novella that mixes passion with a sprinkling of suspense. The characters are very likeable, and the chemistry between them sizzles on the page...Sex between the pair is described in rather explicit detail, with none of the more risque sexual acts being incorporated into the storyline—though their encounters do take place in a variety of places. Do you love a cowboy tale? Ever fantasize about a guy's cute butt encased in a tight pair of denim jeans? Or do you simply enjoy strong, handsome men rescuing damsels in distress? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then Melanie's Protector is undoubtedly a great story for you. I have enjoyed it, and shall certainly be watching for the upcoming books in the Rodeo Cowboys series." ––Elizabeth Marie, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Cups: "Sizzling hot and filled with action, Melanie's Protector is a fabulous tale of a woman on the run. A creative plot and deliciously clever dialogue keeps this story moving as the intense sexual tension and love scenes keep you ensnared. Explosively entertaining, this tale is one sexy ride you will not soon forget." ––Wateena, Coffee Time Romance

eBook Melanie's Protector

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