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Peek-a-Boo PDF ebook download Peepo is a picture book told from the perspective of a baby boy. He seems to be at the age of around 9/10 months old. Just around the age where he is able to sit up himself and is beginning to notice different and fascinating things around him. Things that perhaps the older children and adults are not noticing as they are so busy doing different things. For example,

"He sees a bonfire smoking,
pigeons in the sky,
His mother cleaning windows,
A dog going by".

So while his Mother is concentrating hard on cleaning, he is aware of numerous events and objects around him catching his attention. My daughter loves this book as the well detailed large pictures help her to envisage what he is seeing. Also she has a baby brother who is of similar age, so it helps her to relate to the story. She always relates this story to our family, so I would be the dad and her brother would be the baby and so on. It could encourage children to loo at the importance of family. I believe it could also help children and adults to see life through differing perspectives.

Excellent book and one that my children never grow tired of, a real bedtime favourite.

eBook Peek-a-Boo

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