A Treasury of Dick and Jane and Friends

PDF-file by William S. Gray

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Look Dick. See Jane. See Baby Sally.
See Spot (the dog), Puff (the cat), Tim (Sally's teddy bear).
See Father and Mother.
See three illustrated books — 193 pages— in one.
1. We Look and See.2. We Come and Go. 3. The New We Work and Play.

Read the books. Oh, oh, oh.Fun, fun, fun. Maybe, maybe, maybe.
Finding appealing-to-kids ABSOLUTE beginner new-reader books can be a challenge for kids, parents and other adults.These three Dick and Jane books, now gathered in one storybook treasury,were an option used once-upon-a-time in schools for thousands of kindergarten/ first graders, but in an era before multi-cultural sensitivity and more modern family changes.

There are no overtly problematic/offensive sentences given the extremely restricted word choice including up, down, see, oh, look, come, go, play, and, work, blue, yellow, cars, boats, something, help, ball, can, my, big, little, cookies.

However, be forewarned that the old-fashioned illustrations feature a traditional family with a Mother and Father, cat and dog and three children (brown and blonde haired) with the girls wearing dresses.

Also Note: the pictures are sometimes quite necessary to make sense of the meaning of the simple sentences.

Finally, an added bonus for readers without children: Dick and Jane references have entered the American culture (perhaps you remember the film "Fun with Dick and Jane") and a look at even one Dick and Jane book will go a long way toward clearing up any cultural reference mysteries — and I promise that the reading investment time wise will be really, really short!

eBook A Treasury of Dick and Jane and Friends

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