The Lazy Man's Life

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The Lazy Man's Life PDF ebook download The Lazy Man’s Life ~ Autobiography of Thaddeus Golas, is not a book of metaphysics, but at 523 pages (complete with a 16-page leaflet of era color photographs) it covers much of the story of the journey from the Great Depression to the psychedelic ’60s.

It is a historical account of the birth of the psychedelic movement in America; a parade of the era’s greatest players: Timothy Leary, Baba Ram Dass, Steven Gaskin, Allen Ginsberg, and all the rest. The book features original poems by Thaddeus Golas, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of The Lazy Mans Guide to Enlightenment, and some definitive answers to the questions: “Was the book channeled?” and “was Thaddeus Golas a mere typist for higher consciousness?”

The Lazy Mans Life will leave you feeling like an expert on the psychedelic and metaphysical ’60s. A great read!

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eBook The Lazy Man's Life

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