Where in the World?

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Where in the World? PDF ebook download Another of Raczka's unique perspective art books imed at young peopple, but full of info for adults as well.This one is 13 paintings depicting international scenes, some are well known artists, others are lesser known.I particularly liked the painting as well as the info regarding "A View of Delft with a Musical Instrument Seller'd Stall" by Carel Fabritius—his connection to Rembrandt and Vermeer was interesting. I will be looking for photos of his 12 paintings that have survived.

A truly unique work of art is Mappa del Mondo" by Alighiero E Boetti,both the actual art as well as its unique creation process.It isa map of the world using each countries flag to portray the shape of the country—such an interesting perspective.As for the creation the flags representing the countries wwere woven by women from Afghanistan where the skill of rug weaving is thousands of years old.

eBook Where in the World?

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