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All's Fair PDF ebook download Bellon’s writing shines in All’s Fair, her latest political suspense novel. When campaign expert Kristen Shepherd discovers her fiancé is transferring her personal funds to a terrorist organization in Iraq, her world falls apart, literally.

Kristen’s brother, Brandon, is a doctor serving in Iraq and coincidentally he is captured as a prisoner of war the same time Kristen uncovers her fiancé’s fraud. To Kristen’s horror she discovers an underground operation that she never thought she’d be a part of—but now must come to terms with as she risks her life to discover her brother’s whereabouts.

At first when I realized I’d have to follow two story lines, I wondered if I’d become attached to the two different set of characters. But I was quickly caught up in the tale—a tale that mirrors real life both in the political arena and the military life in Iraq.

Bellon’s research was impeccable and I felt that I was immersed inside the military perils of the servicemen in Iraq. I also loved how she brought sympathy and understanding to both sides of the conflict. She had one American doctor going to great lengths to save a little Iraqi boy’s life, and an insurgent sharing his religious feelings with an American soldier. As with any war, the losses are heavy—emotionally, physically and spiritually. Bellon kept the upperhand and gave dignity to the fragile conflict and the ensuing emotions that consume each side.

All’s Fair is a compelling read—well worth your time.

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