Ananse's Feast

PDF-file by Tololwa M. Mollel

Ananse's Feast PDF ebook download Stunning pictures, whimsical characters and playful text make this a terrific edition of the Anansi stories. In this one, Ananse lives up to his notoriety as a mischevious trickster, throwing Akye the Turtle for a loop while he swipes the food promised to his guest. One gets a sense of the culture and the tradition of the Ashanti in this version, with Ananse learning lessons in the end. Also worth noting is that Ananse's colors hearken back to the West African palette, almost insisting upon celebrating vitality in the midst of the parched desert; Ananse remains very much a likable rascal who makes you wonder just how much more he is going to get away with before he gets caught. Children will love this story, which is another nice introduction to West African folklore.

eBook Ananse's Feast

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