Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel... (Sort Of)

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Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel... (Sort Of) PDF ebook download The follow-up to "Waiting for Karl Rove." Think Thelma and Louise-only Thelma's menopausal, Louise is an erratic big-mouth with a penchant for discussing her hemorrhoids, and they're on a road trip to wrestle an apology from Karl Rove by any means necessary. * * I laughed. I cried. I thanked the Creator I'm not married to either of them. Greg Crites, author of Crusade Satire is difficult and this one slams it out of the park. This sort of cultural analysis has a long history... a form of burlesque epic that uses exaggeration and mockery to attain its result. I would categorize Waiting for Karl Rove as in that long tradition of hilarious satire. Outrageous, offensive, daring, political, feminist in a daring way. When two women can join forces and write something hilarious about contemporary politics in America, it should be a Pulitzer Prize at least. Nadine Gallo, author of Impetuous Heart

eBook Waiting for Karl Rove - The Sequel... (Sort Of)

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